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Farm Pest Control NI

Providing Affordable Agricultural Pest Control Solutions to a wide range of farms across Northern Ireland


We provide expert Pest Control services to the Farming Community Throughout Northern Ireland trading as District Pest Control


We provide affordable pest control services to the small to the very large multinational broiler farms, hen laying units and diary cattle to include milking parlours in Northern Ireland.


We very much understand the need to safeguard farms from pests safeguarding “farm to fork” approach maintaining your high audit standards.

All our work is carried in accordance with several auditing requirements as outlined below:

❖ Northern Ireland Beef & Lamb Farm Quality Assurance

❖ Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured Cereals

❖ British Egg Industry Council's Lion code

❖ British Retail Consortium (BRC)

❖ Red Tractor

❖ Food Standards/Food Hygiene Regulations

❖ Other Assured Food Standards Bodies within the pig, poultry, and Diaries industries

We apply one of the highest levels of Biosecurity practice and knowledge  when serving farms clients ensuring an effective Integrated Pest Management approach.

We apply one of the highest Bio security practice and knowledge measures when serving farms ensuring an integrated pest management approach.

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We deal with Fly Control on farms and rabbit control on farms within the domestic setting

All our staff are trained as a minimum in Level 2 Award in Pest Management alongside HACCP and farm biosecurity controls. In addition, we have expert technicians within our team who are trained in Level 3 Award in pest Management including Field Biologists having experience in dealing with farm audits rectifying potential non-compliance and biosecurity controls issues for their clients.

We take proper regard to Health & Safety of Animals and surrounding wildlife providing safeguards in protection of non-targets animals from poisons e.g. pets.

We use a number of non-toxic monitoring techniques from drones, shooting, Infra-red cameras, non-toxic baits, traps, and preventative measures ensuring that preventative pest control is considered before infestation start on the farm. If a pest is detected via our wide range of pest monitoring options, the pest will be identified and removed as quickly and humanely as possible preventing contamination and disease on site. Environmental Risk Assessment and Safe Use of Pesticides.

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