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Pest Control on Poultry Farms

We specialise in managing a range of pests on poultry farms from control of flies, rats, mice, red mite

Rats and/or mice are commonly found in or around poultry units. They pose a number of problems including a threat to Salmonella control. Where a flock is Salmonella positive, rodent control action must be very intensive.

Rodents are important in Salmonella control because they can act as the main driver of infection on a poultry


We can provide a number of Treatment options for Rodent eradication and prevention of infestations as a major part of the unit and flock management.

Within poultry units there are a number of key areas that are likely to require particular attention including:

❖ feed and egg storage areas, including areas around open slave hoppers within houses and service areas.

❖ accumulations of materials and vegetation around the perimeter of buildings.

❖ Adjacent hedgerows and ditches.

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