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Rapid Electronic Detection System (REDS) on Farms

Rapid Electronic Detection System (REDS), a non toxic monitoring system has been developed by our company is a 24/7 infrared detection system for pests incorporated in to bait monitoring stations. Our technicians received a notification to attend the farm to deal with pest problem along clients receives a text that there is activity.

We are currently using this system to monitor mice and rat activity with Poultry Broiler farms including egg stores and wheat /grain stores. This will prevent a technician having to attend your farm, ensuring the bio secure environment is preserved  instead 24/7 monitoring is undertaken, and the farmer will be notified by text and e-mail if there is a pest problem. Our technician will be dispatched with 24-48 hours ensuring safely to place appropriate tramps or tamper proof baits to eliminate population before it gets out of control.

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