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Rodent Control on farms

Employment of a certificated pest management professional is required by a number of farm auditing bodies in Northern Ireland complaint with Campaign of Responsible Rodenticide rules.

Assurance schemes require farmers to demonstrate that they have effective rodent control programmes in place. This will usually involve a good record keeping system that demonstrates that control is being undertaken in line with good practice and legal and label requirements. Failure to keep adequate records could mean loss of markets, registration or certification from your auditing body.

If pests are on your farm the following implications apply:

❖  It’s a serious bio security Risk

❖ Rodents not only eat and damage significant amounts of the stored food but their urine and faeces also contaminate stored produce.

❖ Contaminated food or feed may transmit diseases to humans through the food chain.

If pests are on your farm the following implications apply:

❖ Populations of rats carrying a wide range of pests and diseases that threaten humans and livestock.

❖ Rodents damage buildings or equipment by gnawing. Effects can be catastrophic, for example, drying and ventilation failures or fires

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